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Who are we?

There has been a Christian church on the site of St. Peter’s for more than a thousand years and through God’s Grace we will be here another thousand. We are growing not just numerically, but in spirituality and the Love of Christ

Since the arrival of Rector, The Revd Kelvin Woolmer the church community has been engaged in the Diocese of St Alban’s plans for growth of the Christian faith in the community.  Members of the congregation have attended seminars on Living in God’s Love, Reaching New People, Being an Invitational Church and Leading Your Church into Growth.

Our purpose is to share God’s Love and the Salvation power of Jesus. To be a place where people searching for answers to the difficulties that can make life hard. Where they can find a welcoming community living in Christian Love that shows that Christ is truly the answer to everything. We can’t make your life easier, but Jesus can when you know Him and let Him be part of your life.


We have a growing Mission Leadership Team and congregation, who aim to make Christ accessible to all, and through preaching and teaching we aim to bring the bible alive to a 21st century TV media generation using modern sound and screens. Using varied styles of worship, traditional to modern and (to be honest) sometimes whacky, we can show how the Bible is still relevant to the world in which we live and how whatever style of worship we use it will assist our daily walk with Christ.

Our services are welcoming and easy to follow for those with visually or hearing impairments by mean of a state-of-the-art sound system and large TV screens.

We are a church for the community of Bedford, and we have  grown as people who just ‘popped-in’ to visit now attend regularly.

Our services are live, so sometimes don’t go to plan, but we laugh and simply carry on enjoying being God’s church together. We pray that you might come and laugh and worship with us, but mostly that’ll you’ll find God who loves you too.

(Noisy children also welcome, so no sssshhhing allowed)

St Peter’s Church, De Pary’s Avenue, Bedford, MK40 2TX    »»» Click for Map