Crowd1Planned Giving at our Church

The church relies on the generosity of its members to enable to continue its work within the community and maintain its historical buildings; these contributions make a vital and lasting difference to the work of the church. Please read on to find out how you can help make that difference. For more information on stewardship please visit the Diocese of St. Albans website.

The Parish Giving Scheme

This scheme has been set up to help us best manage regular donations. It is run in partnership between dioceses on a cost sharing basis. Read more by clicking this link

Giving Envelopes

St Paul wrote to the Corinthian Christians, saying: “On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when I come, no collections will have to be made.”  (1 Cor 16 v2).

MoneyThis principle of regular, proportionate giving to the work of the Lord is encouraged in our church.  Some find a standing order convenient, but we also have regular giving envelopes available, enabling contributions to be gift aided.  Some use weekly or monthly envelopes in addition to a standing order, partly because of the additional envelopes for Lent, Advent, charities, etc, and partly to give something extra when we have treated ourselves to something extra like theatre, concert, holiday, etc.

Our church is entirely reliant on your generosity to function and pay the Parish Share (i.e. the Rector’s stipend!).  We receive no government or outside funding.  If you would like to know more, please speak to either Gloria Clarke, our Planned Giving officer, or to Hannah Potter, PCC treasurer.

Gift Aid

Money_MP900342039Is a government scheme which aims to support charitable donations, for more information please read our Gift Aid leaflet :   Gift Aid Leaflet


Foreword by the Bishop of St Albans
(Courtesy of the Diocese)

Nationally, more than five thousand people each year make a bequest to support the work of the Church. Here in the Diocese of St Albans such gifts make a significant contribution to our ministry. They enable is to maintain our historic buildings and churchyards; they finance new projects as part of Living God’s Love; they help us to maintain our bells and organs; and in some places they pay for pastoral and youth workers. Leaving a legacy to the church goes hand in hand with our regular giving and is an important part of our Christian discipleship. Making a will and including a gift to your church is simple to do and can have a tremendous impact on the future of your church. Please think seriously about acting on it.

To request a free guide to making a Will or for more information on different ways to leave gifts to the Church through your Will, phone the Church’s Legacy and Wills Information Line on 08455 870875 or visit

St Peter’s Charity Work

st peter_1As part of our mission in Bedford we strive to support as many local charities and good causes as possible. To see where the money we have asked you to help us raise goes to please see below; this is updated at the end of each financial year. (pdf)

The Friends of St Peters

The first move towards the formation of The Friends occurred, more or less, in April 2002 at a meeting chaired by the then Rector, Guy Buckler. Margaret Staddon agreed to act as Chairman while others volunteered to be fund-raisers, the main purpose of the scheme being to help the church raise funds specifically for meeting the costs of the care and restoration of this Bedford landmark. Companies within the parish and people with links to St. Peter’s were approached inviting them to become Friends, as individuals, families or corporately, either for life or on an annually renewable basis.

Since 2004 members have, once a year, been sent a newsletter listing forthcoming events and enclosing an article either on one of the features of this ancient church, or outlining its historical background.

St. Peter’s has the advantage of great age on its side in one respect – that it is this which has attracted both single visitors and groups from such organisations as the Retirement Education Centre, the Beds. and Herts. Historic Churches Trust and the Bedford Archaeological and Local History society. Informative contact with representatives of Albion Archaeology at St. Mary’s Church and Bedford Museum has stimulated interest here, resulting in marvellous photographs of St. Peter’s taking their place amongst the display at the Saxon Gold, Gods and Kings Exhibition held locally in partnership with the British Museum in 2007.

Articles on St. Peter’s have appeared  in the newsletters of the Bedfordshire Local History Association and the Friends of St. Thomas a Becket Church in Clapham. Pleased with our contributions to Art’icle, the editor of the Bedford Arts Forum magazine selected St. Peter’s to be the host church for the 2009 Bedford/Jersey Arts Festival. Singers and speakers flew from the island to entertain audiences with music and its story.

By stepping over the threshold and becoming a friend, making a donation or leaving a legacy ensuring that, during these hard times, the fabric of St. Peter’s gets the attention it deserves. Since 2013 the service of Nones has been held annually in may at St. Peter’s to commemorate the work of the Augustinian Canons.

Work costing more than £30,000 was completed in 2010, but the need for interior  renovation and decoration is always there.

Pen_circlePlease join! 

To join the Friends of St. Peter’s please complete the Friends leaflet which can be downloaded here; Friends Application Form or found at the back of the church. Further information can be obtained from Rosemary Evans, Head of the Friends of St Peter’s at 15 Linden Road, Bedford MK40 2DQ. Tel. 01234 211226

Life Membership                    £200.00
Individual Membership          £10.00 pa
Family Membership                £25.00 pa
Corporate Membership          £30.00 pa