12 Days of Giving

🤩Fantastic opportunity – our insurance company Ecclesiastical have set up a prize draw called ’12 days of giving’. Between 7th and 22nd December, 10 charities will be drawn each day and will receive £1000!

How do we enter? – Just a simple nomination form which could see St Peter’s win £1000! 🥳

👇Simply click on this link, scroll down to find the form with our charity number and name already filled out. Below that it asks your name, email address, county, age range. After ticking or not-ticking a few choices – just press submit and job done. ✅

The more nominations we get the more chances we get picked on one of those 12 days of giving! 👏🤞

🙏Nominate now: https://www.movementforgood.com/12days/index.php…

👀If you want to see the T&Cs click here: https://movementforgood.com/…/f…/12days_terms_conditions.pdf
(Summary: Your personal data is used only for the purposes of the draw; only one nomination per applicant and application. Can opt in/out of receiving insurance emails etc. No third-party use of personal data.)

Now time to nominate and fill out that form.🙏

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